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Lobstronomous Deals With Xpanda Online

A new addition to the ravishing Xpanda Online was made this week. Our promotions page just got Lobstronimated!

You can now get up to 25% off on combo product deals such as an Aluglide with a Biometric Laptop safe and 15% off our #1 Gun Safe. The great thing about our new Lobstromonous Deals page is that they all include free delivery, and we are constantly working on new combo deals.

If these deals aren't lobstronimating your fancies, contact us with two or more items you require and one of our dashing sales people will think up a ridiculously generous price just for you!

As always, our sales team is available on the phone or on Live chat in the bottom right of your screen during weekday work hours 8-5pm.