Alu-Glide Plus Security Gate - 1800mm x 2150mm Bronze Untitled Document

Alu-Glide Plus Security Gate - 1800mm x 2150mm Bronze

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Xpanda Alu-Glide Plus Security Gate - 1800mm Bronze. The Xpanda Alu-Glide Plus is a fully framed DIY trellis security gate which you yourself can install easily in your home or office. The Alu-Glide comes with a slamlock, for quick locking in emergency situations, and with its diamond shaped design, it is strong and durable. The frame itself is aluminium, which means it is rust resistant and ideal for installation in coastal areas. This model is suitable for a maximum opening of up to 1800mm wide.

Product Features
  • Alu-Glide Plus 1800 is suitable for a maximum opening of 1800mm or less
  • Suitable for a door opening of height 1950 to 2150mm
  • Design is best suited for Right to Left opening
  • Fully framed DIY trellis door with 3-point slamlock
  • Spring loaded for easy opening & anti-lift pin
  • New robust aluminium profiles
  • Rust resistant - Ideal for coastal regions
  • 3 Rows of strengthened diamond lattice
  • Double quality cylinder with custom keys
  • Double leading hanger wheels for smooth operation
  • Low profile anti-trip bottom track
  • Comes with all fasteners
  • Includes easy installation DVD

    Technical Specifications
    Colour: Bronze with electroplate & epoxy coated finish
    Material: Aluminium
    Height: 2,150mm
    Width: 1,800mm